Very Good Fuzz

Very Good Fuzz


Musical Instrument Device in a delightful Gorva Enclosure

Colorway: Burgundy/White


STILL, AND ALWAYS FOR UKRAINE RELIEF:  $5 from every FUZZ pedal purchased will go directly to Ukrainian relief funds to help provide much needed support for the Ukrainian people.




Simple but versatile transistor based fuzz for both guitar and bass.  Covers everything from slight crunch to full out synth-y fuzz.   It gets nasty, but remains usable.




  • Awesome mini Gorva enclosure

  • Incredible powder coat from Obscura MFG.

  • Soft switching

  • Built in transformer to help the fuzz sound great no matter where it is in your signal chain

  • Toggle switch for different levels of compression and output

  • Enough volume to pummel anything that comes after (only if you want it to)

  • Powerful tone knob to help shape your ideal sound


Meant to be run at 9 volts and only 9 volts.  Ideally with a quality, isolated power supply.


-  Dimensions: 100mm [3.94"] x 45mm [1.77"] x 35 mm [1.38"] (63mm w/ footswitch)

- Standard 2.1mm Boss style power jack, negative tip

- 9 volt DC operation only

- Limited Lifetime Warranty

- Online Manual