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Very Good EP Drive V3 - W

Very Good EP Drive V3 - W

$229.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price

Musical Instrument Device in a delightful Gorva Enclosure

Colorway: White/Grey


Echoplex Preamp meets low gain overdrive.  Two circuits that can be used independently or together.  




  • Echoplex preamp based boost/tone shaper with up to 15 db of gain

  • Low gain overdrive with asymetrical soft clipping

  • Soft switching

  • High quality Burr Brown opamp

  • Hi cut and Lo cut toggles for further tone shaping

  • Effect order switch (Drive into Preamp or Preamp into Drive)

  • Internal charge pump 


The EP Drive also has an internal charge pump that bumps up the voltage for higher headroom and cleaner operation.  For that reason, do not use anything but a 9v center negative power supply with this one.  Using higher voltages will void the warranty, so please be careful and use the correct voltage.


-  Dimensions: 120mm [4.72"] x 65mm [2.56"] x 39 mm [1.54"] (68mm w/ footswitches)

- Standard 2.1mm Boss style power jack, negative tip

- 9 volt DC operation only

- Limited Lifetime Warranty

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