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Demo shoot! (Hint: it didn't go well)

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

There are only a few people who have played and know what the Fuzz Drive sounds like so naturally, making a demo was my next step.

I figured hell, how hard could it be? Answer: very. (If you want something that doesn't look/sound like a bad 80s recording)

Turns out while I am good at getting a guitar rig to sound huge and awesome, getting that recorded is another skill entirely, and one I do not currently possess hah.

I started by wanting to do a tribute to my favorite and arguably the best pedal demo-er of all time: the almighty Andy Martin. Watching Andy demo stuff over the years has not only made me a better person, but also helped drain my bank account for more pedals than I care to think about.

So the game plan was this: backing track with guitar to start, plain black background, simple setup with tube amp, dual camera setup for pedal and player view. I was ready to rock, had the gear and booked a 4 hour timeslot at my local hourly rehearsal studio so I could be as loud as needed...let's do this.

To give you an idea how it went, I couldn't even get the dang background right. I ended up ditching the footage with the background and just focusing on the pedal, but that still left a lot to be desired, the sound just plain sucked.

I realized I was trying to do too much in a foreign place so I said screw it. Ended up setting up some simple things in my apartment and bam, felt instantly better (although it didn't look it hah)

Weird elephant thing??

Turns out a gravity blanket and chair make for a pretty decent iso-booth replacement for those living in close proximity to others hah.

I decided on ditching the tube amp for the "lowly" Boss Katana 50. It's a killer amp for the price. The clean channel really lets you hear exactly what the pedal sounds like, without all the nice tube-y goodness that can mask a drive pedals faults a bit. Also the Katana is within most everyone's price range so I wanted to show tones anyone can get.

About an hour or two later and I had what I felt was the best I could do at that moment. I'm sure in the future I will change it up, add some things and what not. But for now, it at least gives you an idea of what the Fuzz Drive is about, without looking like this...


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