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How TO Fix

Hi folks!  Thanks so much for your patience here.  I know this is far from ideal but I appreciate you hanging in there with me as we figure out these growing pains together.  I am here to help any step of the way but I made a quick video walking through the process of fixing the issue.  

It is relatively simple but if you do not feel comfortable please let me know and I will absolutely make sure it is taken care of.  

Tools needed: 1/2 inch wrench (or socket),  Small screwdriver


Essentially all we are doing is turning the output jack about 45 degrees.

1:  Remove bottom screws

2: Loosen output jack with 1/2 wrench, no need to take off the nut fully, just loosen.

3: Turn output jack towards the center about 45 degrees or 1/4 turn (see video).

4: Hold inside of output jack while tightening outside nut.

5: Replace bottom plate and screws

All done!

Thanks and again let me know if you have any questions!

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